The Marketing Platform for PC and Console Games

Gamesight empowers publishers to build strong communities, engage the right influencers, and effectively measure marketing performance.

Illuminate your marketing, influencers, and community

Finding the right marketing channels and influencers doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Get full-funnel insights into all the ways players discover and engage with your game.

Built on three pillars

Building a great community means meeting gamers who will love your game where they are. Gamesight provides robust insights to help you optimize marketing spend across channels and activate the right influencers to build hype and engagement at launch and beyond.



Build your community



Engage the right influencers



Measure performance across marketing channels

Data and security

Gamesight cares deeply about the data and security of your game, your team, and your players. Our service is SOC 2 compliant, tested at enterprise scale, and built on world class technologies. Fraud prevention and compliance monitoring are at the core of our offering.

Ad Fraud Detection

Stop affiliate and network fraud with advanced detection tools

Enterprise Security

SOC 2 & GDPR compliant software by design

Disclosure Monitoring

Ensure influencers are using proper disclosures for paid and compensated work

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Find out which part of your marketing budget is actually working.
Gamesight helps PC & console games uncover where their players come from through reliable attribution.

Who are your influencers?

Our influencer platform enables your game to measure all of your game's content - organic, earned, and paid:

  • Understand who is and should be creating content for your game

  • Build and manage creators and affiliate programs

  • Run performance-driven campaigns

Why Gamesight?

We believe in the power of data to empower publishers and studios to deliver the best possible experiences to their players. Gamesight is built to help understand the player’s journey from discovery, through every expansion, and DLC. Studios of all sizes trust our data, tools, and solutions.

Hard earned experience

Our best-in-class solution is built on all the experience we’ve gained from helping publishers, large and small, grow their games for the last 7 years.

World class support

We are dedicated to your success. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure that our customers reach their marketing goals.

Built for massive scale

We power some of the world’s largest games with 99.99% uptime. You can be confident that you’ll always have access to the insights you need.

Always improving

We work closely with our customers to stay on top of industry trends and ensure we're always delivering solutions for "the next big thing"

Some of our solutions

Learn more about how some of our customers leverage Gamesight to vault their games to the top of the charts.

Get the full view of your community, influencers, and performance.