FTC Monitor for all influencer activity

Manually monitoring influencer content is a pain. Our AI-powered monitoring tools ensure your earned and paid influencer programs comply with FTC regulations.

Flexible Monitoring

You set the rules, we monitor them. Our toolset allows you to set your thresholds. Our AI monitors content and reports back compliant, non-compliant, and on-the-line content for you to review.

Monitor what matters

Track influencer related content on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, Twitter and Instagram including video and text content. Whether you're looking for shout-outs or hashtags we've got it covered.

Don't risk it, get Gamesight

The FTC requires clear and conspicuous disclosure of all incentivized content. This includes free game keys and in-game currency. Gamesight makes sure influencers & creators respect your brand and disclose their relationships keeping the FTC off your back.