Millions of Creators at Your Fingertips

Gamesight's Discovery feature allows you to search millions of channels to find influencers using search parameters that are important to you.

Build lists, then relationships

Filter through millions of Twitch streams and YouTube videos in seconds to find content creators that meet your goals. Compare insights across platforms, conduct market research, and measure the performance of influencers big or small.

Plan a Campaign

You make the rules, and we build the list. Discover content creators that meet your criteria, from massive launch campaigns to targeted activations

Conduct Market Research

Gamesight's tooling is intentionally designed to provide everything you need to conduct holistic and informed analysis for your game

Discover Rising Stars

Find your community's next rising star. We collect data on every stream on Twitch, making your talent search limitless

Intuitive search

Find creators based on what is important to you. Discoveries can isolate influencers with specific audience size, game history, and more. Modify search filters and Discovery will pull the results in real-time.

Go beyond the surface

Get to know influencers on a deeper level using Gamesight's proprietary scoring algorithms. We score creators on deep metrics like viewer retention, audience loyalty, and platform influence to empower you to assess channels beyond follower count.

Populating lists with Discovery

Once you've found your influencers, add them to a list and start forming your connections. Discovery integrates deeply with Gamesight's CRM tooling to let you seamlessly transition from channel discovery to relationship management.

Get to know your influencers with discovery

No more one size fits all approach; get discovery and search based on what matters to you