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We work with many of the top gaming companies in the
world, run influencer campaigns across hundreds of
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Gamesight's Culture

Work Remotely

Remote work is an important part of the culture at Gamesight. We have people working in almost every time zone in North America, as well as some time zones across the pond. Our philosophy is to work wherever and whenever you'll be the most productive. No one is watching the clock (or your computer) to make sure you’re working. We trust our employees to get their work done. We also know life doesn’t always fall outside of 9-5 and we want our team to have the space to live their lives.

Play Games

Although the Gamesight team is scattered across the globe, we do hold monthly meet-ups in Seattle to play tabletop games and bond as a team! Seattle is an important part of Gamesight’s origin story and many of our employees are still located there. We also host monthly virtual game nights with the whole team. On the weekend, you will find many of our crew in the Gamesight Discord server playing games with their co-workers.

Celebrate Diversity

At Gamesight, we work hard to ensure we foster an environment that offers equitable opportunities where people of all identities can thrive. We are all on the same journey of curiosity, listening, progress, and discovery. Everyone on our team is encouraged to share their perspective and feel heard, because we know our differences make us stronger. We want Gamesight to be a place where all employees feel comfortable being their authentic selves.

Cultivate Growth

We don’t just encourage our employees to continue their education, we make space for it. If there is something you’ve become an expert in, share your wisdom with the team in a ⚡️ Lightning Talk! From taking online courses to attending or speaking at conferences and everything in between, we value the opportunity to grow with you.

What’s in it for you?

Continuing Education

At Gamesight we are a company of learners. We like to gain new skills and improve upon the ones we already have. To that end, we offer our employees budgets for continuing education, attending conferences, and researching our customers' video games. It's important to us that we support our team's efforts to learn, grow, and improve.

Health Insurance and 401(k)

Gamesight's priorities with benefits are wellness and education, so it’s important that we offer our employees great medical coverage. Gamesight covers our employees' premiums at 100%. We also offer a 401(k) option for employees with 3% company matching.

Impact and Innovation

Gamesight is a small company that is changing and improving rapidly. Gamesight will be a very different company a year from today, and it’s hard to imagine what it will be like in 5 or 10. You will have a hand in building that company, and we’re so excited to have your help.

Flexible and Independent Work Environment

Gamesight is a distributed team, which means we have people working at all hours of the day. Our core time zone is Pacific, but our philosophy is to work wherever and whenever you'll be the most productive.

Our Company Principles

🎮 Gaming is our core

We are all-in on gaming. We obsess over the quirks of the games marketing ecosystem, creating purpose-built solutions, and anticipating customer needs like no one else. Our expertise in data and marketing creates value for customers, but our shared passion is what builds enduring relationships. And as gamers, we have more fun with our work, too!

🚀 Our customers’ growth is our obsession

Our commitment is always to the customer and their success. We grow when our customers grow, so we use the full power of our expertise and data to help them be successful. Our most successful customers don’t just come to us for one-off engagements, but work with us year after year as long-term partners to expand their business. Our aim is to make Gamesight known for exceeding expectations and delighting those we work with.

🧙 Data is our magic

We are pioneers and innovators in the field of data analytics. We discover insights that transform businesses and inspire the games industry. We will never stop inventing and looking for new ways to interpret how communities form, games are played, and new products are discovered.

🤝 Teamwork makes the dream work

We are exploring uncharted territory and inventing new solutions. We believe that diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and skills multiplies our ability to solve these problems by looking at our challenges from as many angles as possible. Our team is collaborative, supportive, and accountable to one another. We earn trust with each other so we can work quickly, stay flexible, learn from our losses, and achieve more as a team.

Ready to get started?

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