Engage your community with a Creators Program

Incentivize and reward the creators in your community with
a dedicated program. Open up applications, select those
who fit your vision, and start offering perks right away.

Custom Landing Page

Create a landing page branded to your game,
franchise, or company that will seamlessly integrate
into your system.

Powerful Management tools

Control requirements, acceptance, key distribution, and
communications, all from one powerful interface.

Custom Discord server

Utilize your Discord server as a central hub to keep creators
up to date on events, news, key giveaways, and other
important announcements.

Community tiers

Dependent upon criteria you set. Spur engagement with
custom leaderboards, award competitions, monthly
creator newsletters, and more!

Creator authentication

Applications from creators to join your creator program will
be automatically authenticated using their Twitch, TikTok, or
YouTube accounts.

Bespoke merchandise

Reward your community with bespoke merchandise and
exclusive swag - Gamesight will handle merchandise
creation, vendor management, and swag logistics for your
creators program so that you don't have to.

Asset creation

Enjoy custom asset creation for all of your creators program
needs. As your program evolves, new assets can be created
for different events, promotions, and updates.

Invest in your community

The most successful games have vibrant creator communities. Stoke the flames of your organic
content creation by centralizing around one cohesive program.