Manage all your influencer relationships

With Creator Relationship Management tools, you can keep track of all your influencer relationships in one interface with the only enterprise grade CRM built on top of Twitch & YouTube.

Your influencer relationships need organization

The importance of influencers in gaming has exploded. Maintaining these relationships has become a critical task for every studio.

Segment your influencers

With our CRM, split influencers into lists. Segment influencers based on different campaigns, adding an additional layer of organization.

Track your status

Manage your outreach with influencers by labeling the status of your relationship to share context across your entire team.

Filter through influencers

Quickly find influencers with our 26 different filters.

All in one place

No more mess Excel sheets and Google sheets. Our centralized CRM offers additional flexibility like filtering, viewing influencers across lists, and an opinionated structure to best foster and develop relationships.

Integrated with Influencer Discovery

Once you've found your influencers, add them to a list and start forming your connections. Discovery integrates deeply with Gamesight's CRM tooling to let you seamlessly transition from channel discovery to relationship management.

Trusted by the industry

"Gamesight helped put Magic in the hands of hundreds of top influencers at critical times in our game's lifecycle. They've been an invaluable resource & partner."

Brian Perry, Head of Marketing @ Magic the Gathering

24/7 Support

All our customers work with managers to facilitate a smooth onboarding and delivery process.

Cost-effective solutions

Gamesight products ensure that more you efficiently spend your marketing budget.

Quality data

Every day, we interact with billions of data points to help you make smarter decisions.

Specialized technology

Our technology is for gaming. We've been in the space for years and understand everything about it.

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