Fraud Prevention

Get the most from your ad spend using Gamesight's Fraud Prevention suite. Ad fraud can siphon away your budget and lead you down the wrong optimization paths. Our suite of tools enables you to stop fraud before it becomes an issue and keep your UA plan on track.

What is Ad Fraud?

Simply put, ad fraud is the process of deliberate, malicious manipulation of an ad and its measurement to misrepresent or obfuscate its true performance. There are many different techniques implemented by fraudsters to boost the perceived performance of their traffic. In effect, this means that fraud:

  • Steals funds from your marketing budget

  • Obfuscates actual channel performance causing faulty optimization

  • Erodes trust in your data and your partners

Ad fraud is prevalent in the mobile ad space where Ad Networks are frequently paid out in a cost-per-install (CPI) model. In this system, the Ad Networks are directly incentivized to "cheat" since it is tied to increased revenue.

We have not yet observed a similar level of sophistication in attacks at Gamesight. Still, we expect that as the performance marketing space continues to mature for PC and Console games, we will see fraud become more prolific.

With this in mind, we have created a world-class fraud prevention suite to proactively protect you so you can be confident that you are always one step ahead of fraudsters.

Types of Fraud

As the techniques used by fraudsters evolves, the types of fraud have increased as well.

Click Spamming

Large volumes of fraudulent clicks sent by fraudsters to take last touch credit for your organic installs.

Protected Via
  • Time to Install Anomaly Detection

  • Geo Verification

  • Gamesight Blocklist

Install Spoofing

Fraudsters reverse engineer your attribution process and send fake events to generate fake installs or artificially inflate LTV.

Protected Via
  • Server Side Integration

  • Install Validation

  • Gamesight Blocklist

Mistargeted Traffic

When traffic is presented as one thing but you get another - maybe the wrong geo, device, or targeting.

Protected Via
  • Geo Verification

  • Advanced Report Dimensions

Low Quality Traffic

Some publishers may set up kickbacks to their users for installing your game leading to low user engagement and retention.

Protected Via
  • LTV Measurement & Reporting

  • Gamesight Blocklist

Device Farms

Device farms use a combination of real and emulated devices to generate fake installs for your game.

Protected Via
  • Distribution platform enforced account verification

  • Time to Install Anomaly Detection

  • Gamesight Blocklist

Ad Stacking

A type of viewability fraud where multiple display ads are stacked on top of eachother. When a user clicks on the top (visible) ad, all of the stacked ads also get clicked.

Protected Via
  • Gamesight Blocklist

How Fraud Prevention Works

Gamesight implements multiple methods for detecting and stopping fraud before it becomes an issue. We are consistently monitoring our network so we can adapt our Fraud Prevention tooling at the source. By using a multi-layer defense-in-depth approach, we can provide robust protection against common attack vectors.

Server-Side Integration

Gamesight's event measurement is done using a secure server-based integration. Without access to your unique API key, fraudsters are unable to generate fake installs directly.

Time to Install Anomaly detection

By measuring the Mean Time to Install (MTTI) for your game on various networks, we understand how long it takes real-world users to download your game (those HD textures are big!).

When the time between an ad click and install is impossibly short, we mark the click as potentially fraudulent from click injection.

Geo Verification

In cases of click spamming fraud, it is common to see a large number of clicks from a single location being attributed to installs occurring in distant parts of the world.

Gamesight will automatically prevent these fraudulent clicks from stealing attribution (at least until teleporters are invented).

Gamesight Blocklist

We maintain a list of known fraudulent traffic sources and block attribution and reporting for any impressions or clicks from these sources.

Steam Install Validation

(Coming Soon!) Deterministically validate your purchases with integration into the sales records, automatically reconciling each purchase against your Steam ownership data.

Be confident that your attributed sales represent real purchases.

Want to protect your game's marketing budget?