Launch your game with influencer marketing

Influencer Campaigns are Gamesight's end-to-end influencer marketing service. We help launch games like - Outriders, Open Country, and Magic the Gathering: Arena - by taking out the guesswork of strategy, execution, optimization, and reporting.

Data-oriented approach

We utilize our proprietary data to capture influencer insights that other companies simply don't have.

Powerful tooling

We use discovery, CRM, and data technology to remove the complexity of influencer campaigns.

24/7 Support

Get aligned and have your questions answered, from legal, to marketing, to engineering.

End-to-end service

Eliminate the guesswork by working with Gamesight. We find the most effective influencers, iterate frequently, and drive revenue for your company.


Influencer Discovery

We develop a curated list of influencers via our influencer discovery tooling


Influencer Outreach

We handle the logistics of contact gathering, email outreach, and more



We receive verbal agreement, confirm pricing, and sign documentation


Content Execution

Influencers go live with their content, and our managers answer any questions


Reporting & Feedback

We create a post-campaign report to iterate on future strategy

11K Participating Streamers

During the launch of Death Stranding, Gamesight collaborated with thousands of streamers to bring the game to #7 on Twitch.

80M Viewer Minutes

Gamesight brought Magic the Gathering to #7 on Twitch and having the #4 trending YouTube video on launch weekend.

Battle-tested experience

In the past few years, we have run hundreds of campaigns with thousands of influencers and will guide your campaign from start to finish.

Reporting and iteration

We provide you and your team with consistent reporting so that we are always improving along the way.

Leveraging technology

We use our proprietary data, discovery tooling, influencer CRM, and a little bit of magic to find the right group of influencers for your game.

Trusted by the industry

"Gamesight helped put Magic in the hands of hundreds of top influencers at critical times in our game's lifecycle. They've been an invaluable resource & partner."

Brian Perry, Head of Marketing @ Magic the Gathering

24/7 Support

All our customers work with managers to facilitate a smooth onboarding and delivery process.

Cost-effective solutions

Gamesight products ensure that you more efficiently spend your marketing budget.

Quality data

Every day, we interact with billions of data points to help you make smarter decisions.

Specialized technology

Our technology is for gaming. We've been in the space for years and understand everything about it.

Ready to get started?

  • With Gamesight, you will drive revenue - not just clicks.

  • With Gamesight, you use data to find the channels that will be effective.

  • With Gamesight, you run experiments and iterate on your strategy to determine what works.