Hybrid: On-premise power with SaaS simplicity

Gamesight Dedicated delivers all of the benefits of self-hosted attribution, without the operational overhead. We manage configuration, updates, and availability while delivering the security, compliance, and flexibility that you expect from an enterprise on-premise solution.

Key components sit in your cloud, giving you full control over all of your user data, while keeping the simplicity ease-of-use of a managed SaaS dashboard.

Key Features

Going on-premise doesn't have to be a compromise! Get all of the features and functionality of Gamesight's full SaaS solution while maintaining complete control over your sensitive player data.

Fully Managed

No burden on your IT team. Our engineers handle deployment, updates, and ops -- all in your cloud.

Data Silo

100% of user data lives on customer controlled infrastructure. It is never shared with third parties, including us.

Deploy to any cloud

We deploy our containers on your existing AWS Google Cloud, or Azure clouds. Options also exist for physical infrastructure.

Built for your needs

Turn-key support for custom domains, attribution logic, web flows, game launchers, BI integrations, and more.

SSO Integration

Connect Gamesight to your existing SAML/SCIM enabled Identity Provider (IdP) for seamless identity management

Managed Services

Enjoy the ease of SaaS with the data integrity of on-prem. Our engineering handles all upgrades, ops, and new feature deployment. They also ensure ad network integrations remain active to ensure proper postbacks and reporting.

The Gamesight dashboard is hosted on our infrastructure for ease of access and use. Unlimited seats and scale are included with every enterprise license.

Managed Integrations

We handle all third party ad network integrations at our service level

Enterprise Security

SOC 2 & GDPR compliant software by design

Continuous Upgrades

Our engineers deploy updates, bug fixes, and new features regularly


We are commited to providing world class support for you and your team. Never worry about having to go for days (or weeks) without access to your business-critical insights. Our team will ensure your data is available when you need it, and we'll equip you with the necessary.


Our support team is available 24/7 to ensure uptime and to answer your questions.


Live training and web resources are available for marketing teams and agency partners.


When you add more games or increase scale we handle all infrastructure scaling to keep up.

99.99% Uptime

We ensure constant uptime of your dashboard, links, and data pipelines.