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Ep #4: We 💙Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve by learning how Gamesight is innovating the PC & Console gaming industry. Expert Lead Solutions Engineer, Christian Thomas, provides the latest, spiciest insights into the world of advertising, from TikTok to how companies are pushing in-game advertising (and how to do it right). We also talk virtual reality technology and its journey into the mainstream, as well as the legitimization of influencers.

Episode 3: We 💙 The Boss Boys

We've invited big dawgs CEO Adam Lieb and CTO Robert Syvarth to a jolly holiday episode to wrap up the year! Listen to the wholesome origin story of this powerful duo and how they built their product from the grassroots. We also go into marketing insights that you won't be able to hear anywhere else -- from a look at TikTok to mobile platform trends! Check out what the pros also have to say on the state of Web3 and crypto games after a tumultuous year. It's been a great year for this start-up, so let's get comfy and tune into this episode chockful of goodies.

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Episode 2: We 💙 V-Tubers

What the heck are those cute anime characters with chaotic energy that have taken over streaming and We got two of our biggest V-Tuber fans at Gamesight, data analyst Niko and campaign manager Nikki, to tell us more about why someone would don a .png as a persona, how to market to their community, and why big businesses should pay attention to this huge online phenomena!

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Episode 1: We 💙 The Fighting Game Community

In this premiere episode we talk fighting games with experts Head of Customer Success Jen Zall and Sales Development Representative Michael Shields! From casual to competitive, we talk about what sets the FGC apart, the growth of the community, and the future of the scene.

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