Utilize our enriched influencer data

With data feeds, get direct access to our massive gaming content creation database, and our proprietary insights.

We collect billions of data points a week from Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more. We've spent years developing methods for processing, enriching, and deriving new insights from this data.

Build customized solutions

Access our raw data to build for your needs.

Performance marketing research

Receive direct access to our data so you can gauge the success of releases by genre, time of year, platforms, features, etc. This will help you when planning strategies for your titles.

Community management

Empower your community management team to be data driven by monitoring your active community creators and finding up-and-coming creators.

Creator Recruiting

Know which content creators are growing. If you can identify an up-and-coming trend or creator early, you can sign them early.

Flexible data feeds

Data feeds provide access to multiple levels of granularity - Game, Creator, Stream, Video, and Sample level feeds delivered directly into your data lake - in as little as a 5 minute resolution.

All feeds can be delivered with a mixture of VOD and live stream metrics for Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook.

Understand the objectives for your project

Dive into technical details and design a customized data dictionary

Connect with cloud environment (AWS S3) and start delivering data

Integrated with your process

We start by working with you to understand your company objectives. Once we have determined an appropriate feed for your case, we get into technical details around frequency of data, file formats, more. We then set up a connection into your cloud environment and begin to deliver the data.

GDPR Compliant

Protecting the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions

CCPA Compliant

Ensuring transparency on consumer privacy rights

SOC2 Certified

Establishing practices that guarantee oversight across the company

Built for security

We operate with the highest standards in data and privacy practices. All of our work is GDPR and CCPA compliant and SOC2 certified.

24/7 support

All our customers work with managers to facilitate a smooth onboarding and delivery process.

Cost-effective solutions

Gamesight products ensure that you more efficiently spend your marketing budget.

Quality data

Every day, we interact with billions of data points to help you make smarter decisions.

Specialized technology

Our technology is for gaming. We've been in the space for years and understand everything about it.

Ready to get started?

  • With Gamesight, you will drive revenue - not just clicks.

  • With Gamesight, you use data to find the channels that will be effective.

  • With Gamesight, you run experiments and iterate on your strategy to determine what works.